armored motorcycle

Armored Motorcycle

While this is one of the coolest contraptions we’ve ever come across featured in a black and white photo, we aren’t entirely sure of its authenticity. Please, anyone with info on this armored two-wheeler or the military project responsible for its development, drop us a line in the comments. We’re as curious as you.

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The Amazing Homo-Polar Motor

A simple homopolar motor made with a magnetic, electrically conducting screw, battery, wire, and neodymium disk magnet. The magnet is attached to the screw head and the two then hang from the bottom of the battery, held up by magnetic attraction. The wire is connected to the battery top, and the other end is then […]

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Cool Junk: Bath Bombs!

Tub Mines or Bath Bombs it’s Cool Junk… For the absolutely fearless champion, used to great difficulties and dangers. For men stepping along the razors blade every day. For the ones who really know the true value of the words honor and courage…

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