A.N.T. – Aid Necessities Transporter


An artist by the name of Bryan Lee, a design student from Melbourne, Australia, is the genius responsible for the concept featured in this post — A.N.T. or Aid Necessities Transporter.

Intended for humanitarian organizations like the United Nations, A.N.T. is an incredible machine, morphing between two highly specialized transportation modes (one for carrying supplies, the other for returning swiftly to headquarters), as well as functioning as temporary housing.

The artist had this to say about his inspiration for the design:

Drawing inspiration from the anatomy and mentality of ants themselves, the A.N.T adopts styling cues from the aesthetics of ants being a 6-wheeled vehicle with an abdomen-like supply unit. In addition, the vehicles carrying and distribution purpose relates to the ants ability to carry 10-50 times their own body weight, and travel quickly and efficiently over any terrain. The A.N.T was also inspired by the system in which groups of ants will travel back and forth to transport their food and supplies to their nest. This has been incorporated into the vehicles system of distribution.

Rapid Mode

As the name implies, Rapid Mode was designed to make return trips for supplies as swift as possible. To achieve this transformation, the cockpit of A.N.T. rotates downward, distributing its weight more efficiently than in Transport Mode, enhancing its agility.

Transport Mode

Transport Mode is where the bulk of A.N.T.’s time is spent, carefully navigating its way through any earthly terrain as it delivers much-needed supplies to areas affected by natural disaster, poverty, or war.

Temporary Housing

As if Brian’s design wasn’t revolutionary enough, the A.N.T. is also capable of serving as temporary housing for persons in need of medical attention, sustenance, or shelter.

The housing also has its own electricity and clean water generators. In addition, when the unit expands, the supplies are already inside the shelter ensuring an efficient and instantaneous distribution.

The System

Loading and Unloading

Loading and unloading is an easy and efficient procedure due to the machine’s unique suspension. While in Rapid mode, the vehicle will center itself in front of a supply unit. The vehicle will then lower itself, rotating the head piece upward. Guided by computers, A.N.T. will then reverse into the supply unit. After being connected to its load, the vehicle simply lifts up and drives off.


As evidenced by the picture, the A.N.T.’s suspension is multidimensional. Individually powered by industrial electric in-wheel motors and independent of one in another in regards to movement, the vehicle’s wheels aggressively grip any terrain in their path. Adjustments to riding height, whether for the purpose of lessening wind resistance or increasing ground clearance, can be implemented while on the move.

Entry and Exit

Depending which mode the vehicle is being operated in, there are two different ways for an A.N.T. operator to exit or enter the cab.

Additional Media

Bryan Lee, A.N.T. Model

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