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Technology Paranoia and a History of Fear: Our Atomic Culture

The Dark Side by: Martin Miller In its broadest sense, culture is the sum total of our beliefs, our fears, our behavior patterns, our institutions, our common values, as well as our art, music, and literature.  But the arts often neglect or omit reference to the Cold War.  In fact, most of us who lived […]

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ANT aid necessities transporter night

A.N.T. – Aid Necessities Transporter

Intended for humanitarian organizations like the United Nations, A.N.T. is an incredible machine, morphing between two highly specialized transportation modes (one for carrying supplies, the other for returning swiftly to headquarters), as well as functioning as temporary housing.

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Pterodactyl Kinetic Sculpture

Kinetic Sculptures (Videos and Pics)

Kinetic sculptures are an art form practiced by few. Whether stationary or mobile, these impressive pieces can be found in a variety of shapes and sizes. Relying heavily upon mathematical calculations and carefully engineered parts to ensure fluid locomotion, kinetic sculptures are an amazing and modern adaptation of art that everyone can appreciate. Squirrel Power […]

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armored motorcycle

Armored Motorcycle

While this is one of the coolest contraptions we’ve ever come across featured in a black and white photo, we aren’t entirely sure of its authenticity. Please, anyone with info on this armored two-wheeler or the military project responsible for its development, drop us a line in the comments. We’re as curious as you.

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The Amazing Homo-Polar Motor

A simple homopolar motor made with a magnetic, electrically conducting screw, battery, wire, and neodymium disk magnet. The magnet is attached to the screw head and the two then hang from the bottom of the battery, held up by magnetic attraction. The wire is connected to the battery top, and the other end is then […]

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