The Adopt-A-Bot Orphanage by Bryan Marshall


These carefully assembled examples of junk art, mostly in the form of robots, come by way of Bryan Marshall, an artist who obviously enjoys his craft. His Flickr photostream is filled with over two-years worth of his work. If you’re interested in purchasing some of his orphaned bots, be sure to check out his Etsy account. In Brian’s own words:

Creating robots is my obsession. The appreciation for how things fit together to create infinite new possibilities began innocently enough long ago with Lincoln Logs, Legos, and Erector Sets. Many hours were spent creating colossal contraptions imagined as part of my alternate universe.

Each robot is constructed almost entirely from reused materials. These materials are cleaned and polished to varying degrees depending on the persona I am attempting to achieve. Even the nuts and bolts that are used to hold together each creation are from a recycler. With simple, fun designs that contain easily recognizable pieces, it is my hope that viewers will not only find a personality to connect with, but that they will also see the value of and possibilities for reducing, reusing and recycling in our world today.

Source: Adopt-A-Bot on Etsy

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  1. Mich De Lorme September 27, 2011 at 9:15 pm #

    The Adopt-A-Bot Orphanage by Bryan Marshall (PICS)

  2. David Miquel September 28, 2011 at 5:43 pm #

    The Adopt-A-Bot Orphanage by Bryan Marshall | Machine Junky

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